Our Rules

  • We do not engage in any sexual activities or sexual favors of any kind.
  • If you request or attempt switch or attempt sexual acts, you will be kicked out without refund
  • Arrive clean and on time. Sessions are booked minimum 48 hours in advance to give us time to prepare and pamper Ourselves.
  • Cancellations require a 6 hour notice or else you will be blacklisted. Especially applicable to first timers.
  • If you want to talk to a girl and make her feel bad, look for your fake-dungeon somewhere else: when you enter Our House you meet Women: address Us as Miss, Mistress, Gorgeous, or any other name we have references in our email email. If you request a special activity do so with humility and kindness with the expectation to be rejected.
  • Jacking your own peter could be acceptable, depending on the aura of the session. You can ask via email if we accept that for your particular session.
  • Your tribute will be kindly deposited on a table nearby, preferably in an envelope.
  • Remember I am not your mother, wife, girlfriend or god forbid any other male fantasies you’ve created in your head. You’ve come to be trained, to be submitted, to respect and play by Our rules
  • Your ‘sacred semen’ does not mean anything here. No matter how good looking or rich you are, you are still our puny servant.
  • Choose a safeword before the session.
  • We CAN discuss 5 -10 minutes at the start of the session to get to know each other better and smooth the vibes.
  • If you do not know how to act with a Mistress (or with any woman for that matter, educate yourself or ask Us via email).
  • If you do not know how to ask for an activity or how to ask to stop, you should just remember to do it kindly and politely but ALWAYS do it.
  • You should describe in detail what is in your imagination – the best sessions are always discussed thoroughly beforehand.
  • Do not show up inebriated (drunk) or on drugs to a session, we will keep your tribute and kick you out. A glass of wine is acceptable.
  • Remember that gifts are appreciated by Mistress. Good gifts are good quality chocolate, wine, dessert, and anything else Mistress desires: ask via email to please her best.

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